How do you upgrade AX?

Ron Stuver talks about CSG’s role when it comes to upgrading your AX.

Video Transcription

AX upgrades start with CSG engaging with a client and beginning with an assessment. From the assessment we figure out how big, how much work, what needs to be done, by whom and we establish a relationship between our companies.

My role with CSG is that of delivery. It’s my responsibility to get things done. In doing so I need to work with the project manager or IT management staff for our customer to determine what resources we’re going to bring to bear on the project and get these things done: at what times are these resources going to be available, and we work through the development cycle resolving code conflicts and compile errors, data migration and all the way through go live. And through this whole process we can also bring business analysts to the table that can help put together testing plans, conduct testing, conduct training with the client and then on go live weekend we can also support the customer when it comes to boots on the ground or remote support and we work that out with the customer to determine what’s best for that go live weekend.