Our system is running slow. What do we do?

Mike Simms lets you know what to do when your system isn’t performing.

Video Transcription

If you engage the Client Strategy Group into helping with performance issues, we’ll come in and take a holistic approach to solving this problem. We won’t just look at the database or the code, we’ll look at the entire environment. We’ll look at the SAN, we’ll look at the server set up, we’ll look at the database to make sure all the settings are set correctly per what Microsoft recommends and we’ll dig into the code very deeply.

In addition we will come up with several recommendations around how to make the SQL Server perform much more efficiently, and we may be able to actually get in and figure out if there hardware deficiencies or there might be SAN deficiencies that we can get in there and actually help with those types of recommendations as well. The other side of the fence, on the code side of the fence, typically comes as a result of finding issues with the database. You will see things running extremely slowly, but what you will find is that yes there are some database tuning potentials there but a lot of times it’s due to inefficient code setup.