AX Performance Tuning

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a combination of many different technology layers. CSG’s approach to AX Performance Tuning provides a comprehensive review of your AX environment that will optimize AX system performance. CSG’s Performance Tuning Assessment covers four main areas of focus.

  • Database Analysis

    We make sure your database and server can handle the stresses of your AX implementation. A full analysis of server and primary database configuration settings gives us a baseline to work from.

  • Application Analysis

    We’ll complete a full review of primary AOS server configurations, setting and batch scheduling.

  • Infrastructure Analysis

    CSG will determine if your infrastructure is optimized for AX, and what enhancements can be made.

  • Application Pain Points

Each client is different, each environment is different, and each implementation is different. CSG works with you to identify your business pain points, application pain points, and identify problems and a solution that is specific to your enterprise.