What are some common problems you see when looking at code?

Matt Hill explains the value CSG brings when a customer has a performance issue.

Video Transcription

Typically when a customer has approached us to solve their performance problems, they understand that they have pain points, they know where things are, they’re looking for direction and help to resolve them. They may have had their IT staff come in and see database issues but not know how to tie it into the actual system themselves. Maybe when they went live they put a number of orders in the system and things were going very well, but now that their business is scaling they aren’t able to troubleshoot.

What we try to do is approach that to show them in most cases its modifications that are actually causing them the problem. Either poorly written code which is not always the developers fault, but many times it’s a training issue that goes on, so how do you diagnose the problems, how do you resolve the issues? Trying to add value to the customer so they can potentially serve themselves and help them develop the things, but guiding and providing knowledge to them so they can better perform their system and tune the things that need to be fixed.